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Optimised for procurement specialists by our experienced strategic steering group, the ProcureCo Directory allows buyers to quickly and effectively search for suppliers who can best meet their needs across all categories within the social housing and public sector.

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Raise the profile of your business to public sector buyers with a ProcureCo Directory listing. With a direct communication facility, the ProcureCo Directory offers the chance to communicate and collaborate instantly with potential new clients, and showcase the best of what your business has to offer.

Detailed profile customisation includes video, images, geographic location and reviews. Network with procurement buyers and collaborate with other first, second and third tier suppliers to win new business.

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John Wallace

Director of Procurement, Metropolitan Housing.

John began his career as a laboratory assistant before becoming a qualified master brewer. Having spent 10 years in brewing production, John moved onto various procurement roles in the brewing industry prior to spending 2 years in the food sector working for one of the country’s leading chilled food producers. In 2006, he joined the NHS, being involved in the growth and development of two regional collaborative procurement organisations before moving to Housing and joining Anchor Hanover Trust in 2013. John is currently Procurement Director at Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing.

Antony Silk

Director of Procurement, Optivo.

In a career spanning private practice, local authority, housing co-ops and registered providers, Antony brings over thirty years of experience in the housing sector delivering services focused on customer empowerment, compliance and safety.

As Director of Procurement at Optivo, Antony is energised through creative solutions, the social value proposition and contracting through relationships.  As Board member of SEC, he is an avid supporter of developing future solutions and thinking for the sector.

Open and accessible, Antony is keen to learn what others know and welcomes you contacting him.