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Session I

Introduction and address by the chair

Kirsty Bower, Head of Procurement Chair, Clarion Housing

An overview of how the public and social housing sector’s procurement functions are responding to the Challenges arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, including a unique insight into the Clarion specific response. What are the future implications of the crisis to suppliers and the social housing sector as a whole?

Session 2

Optivo’s Response - Implications For Our Existing and Future Suppliers

Antony Silk, Director of Procurement, Optivo Housing

Assessing the impact and immediate challenges faced within Optivo Housing. Antony will also talk about the preliminary assessment of financial impact on Optivo and what the implications are for future business. He’ll be sharing Optivos thinking around emergency planning and future procurement opportunities and their approach

Session 3

Covid-19 a Higher Education Perspective

Vincent John, Director of Procurement, Greenwich University

Vincent will provide an overview of the impact of Covid-19 on the higher education sector, including the related financial impacts for procurement and suppliers. The Session will examine a wide variety of topics ranging from Opportunities to act on social value implementation through to supplier assessments and expenditure control measures and the universities’ Enhancement of digitisation and virtual meetings of the University Procurement Liaison Group

Session 5

Bank of England’s Responding Rising to the Challenge of Covid 19

Andrew Taylor, Infrastructure Category Manager, Bank of England

Andrew will be giving a rare insight into the Bank of Englands response, how they have mobilised their work forces, the implications for Business Continuity Plans and in turn what the impact will be on their current and future suppliers. What the Banks long term business recovery will look like for future and current suppliers, including the possibility of releasing retention monies on construction projects and upfront payments to suppliers.

John Wallace

Director of Procurement, Metropolitan Housing.

John began his career as a laboratory assistant before becoming a qualified master brewer. Having spent 10 years in brewing production, John moved onto various procurement roles in the brewing industry prior to spending 2 years in the food sector working for one of the country’s leading chilled food producers. In 2006, he joined the NHS, being involved in the growth and development of two regional collaborative procurement organisations before moving to Housing and joining Anchor Hanover Trust in 2013. John is currently Procurement Director at Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing.

Antony Silk

Director of Procurement, Optivo.

In a career spanning private practice, local authority, housing co-ops and registered providers, Antony brings over thirty years of experience in the housing sector delivering services focused on customer empowerment, compliance and safety.

As Director of Procurement at Optivo, Antony is energised through creative solutions, the social value proposition and contracting through relationships.  As Board member of SEC, he is an avid supporter of developing future solutions and thinking for the sector.

Open and accessible, Antony is keen to learn what others know and welcomes you contacting him.