An online platform providing a unique and compliant pre-market engagement space that enables public and social housing sector buyers and suppliers to connect and communicate with each other directly.

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What is

PROCURECO enables public and social housing sector buyers and suppliers to identify, target and connect directly with relevant businesses and the people within those businesses so they can communicate, create a dialogue and collaborate on future contract opportunities before tenders appear on tender portals. Plan for the future.

PROCURECO Advisory Group Supporting Social Enterprise, SME’s and Micro Businesses

Are you a buyer or a supplier?

For Buyers

PROCURECO provides a compliant, easy to use, transparent and effective pre-market engagement space that enables buyers to:

  • Identify and gain direct access to suppliers from all categories, identifiable by geographic location, services and trades and delivery postcode areas
  • Directly network and collaborate with relevant suppliers as well as other buyers
  • Ensure early engagement with relevant suppliers prior to the tender stage
  • Share relevant supplier information with stakeholders in a readily accessible format

I’m a Buyer

For Suppliers

PROCURECO provides tools to grow your business in the social housing and public sectors, gaining know-how and skills to increase your chances of winning contracts so you can:

  • Plan for the future by accessing our Future Contracts Portal where anticipated future planned contract start dates are displayed
  • Initiate dialogue and create relationships by networking directly with public sector buyers as well as other suppliers
  • Increase your visibility with a dedicated space on the platform to raise your profile

I’m a Supplier