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Providing a direct route to market within the social housing and public sector, ProcureCo has been created to help existing suppliers and support new entrants to the market, including a broad range of businesses from tier one suppliers through to SMEs, microbusinesses and social enterprises.

We open communication channels between public sector buyers and suppliers, making the procurement process more transparent and easier to access – creating social value while saving time and money for both buyers and suppliers.

Using questionnaires that have been designed by procurement teams themselves, our easy-to-use customised Profile Builder will guide you through producing your ProcureCo directory listing, ensuring you are best positioned to demonstrate your key skills, capabilities and expertise to potential buyers at a glance.

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Most frequent questions and answers

The ProcureCo event and programme is run by 3D Change who are also the architects of the London Jobs Fairs which are designed to help jobseekers on their journey into employment. ProcureCo invests its surplus into the running of the London Jobs Fairs. Suppliers who sponsor and get involved in the ProcureCo programme are contributing to social value. As such they are able to evidence their contribution to social value in their bid responses. 3D Change are able to assist with this if required.

If you’re looking to supply to and connect with social housing providers and public sector organizations then you’re already there. All you need to do is share some of your company details so our visitors can find you easily.

Be ready to promote your business and your services in your own profile on the directory.

Besides free full access and exhibition space at our events if required, then you’ll be able to connect, communicate and collaborate with other lead representatives, including procurement colleagues from public sector and housing associations and you will be able to engage directly with suppliers.  Not only that, we are developing tools including this platform to assist suppliers to become bid ready and thereby improve the overall quality of their bid submissions.

Seminar sessions may be CPD certified and count towards CIPS Chartered status.

Social Housing and Public Sector organisations including our partners are constantly looking to meet organisations from all sectors. The directory offers an opportunity to showcase your products and services to these decision makers. The design of the directory has been led by our ProcureCo Strategic Steering Group and has been created as a tool to help them and other procurement professionals engage with suppliers.  

Suppliers will find this an excellent route to market their products and services to the public sector as well as a myriad of other suppliers that work within this sector. It will allow you to build your own company profile including information about your products and services, receive reviews and messages on your profile and other suppliers plus much more and all within your listing.

Our featured suppliers can showcase their social value contribution and will also get extra exposure.  You can get one-to-one meetings with procurement professionals, access to seminars and workshops covering themes such as social value and best practice for bidding and tendering.

You’ll have to get in touch with us to start your application, you can contact us directly in our chat window on the site, through or call us on 0203 828 1355.